Job Shadow: Sports editor brings years of experience to his community

By Travis Nyhus


Greschner uploads his pictures from the Phillips vs. Abbotsford girls basketball game from the previous night.  Copyright 2016 Travis Nyhus

David Greschner has spent over 40 years as a part of The Chronotype, a weekly newspaper publication in Rice Lake, Wisconsin and the surrounding areas. He graduated with a degree in journalism in the Class of 1975 from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. Greschner started right out of college as a general reporter for The Chronotype before becoming the sports editor 1978. As the papers sports editor, he is responsible for each week’s sports page, as well as, the outdoor page.

APG Media of Wisconsin LLC, part of the Adams Publishing Group, is responsible for many newspapers throughout northwest Wisconsin. They include The Chronotype, the Price County Review, the Spooner Advocate and three other weekly newspapers.

 Greschner had spent the previous evening photographing a regional final girls basketball game at Rice Lake High School in order to send them to the Price County Review. He took between 50 and 60 photographs and chose the best five. After cropping, resizing the images to the company standard, and recoloring, Greschner e-mailed them to the editor in charge of the story for the Price County Review.

 Along with writing the sports section, Greschner also is responsible for the outdoor page. For the next week’s paper Greschner was planning to write a story about the clearing of the invasive plant buckthorn along a local highway. In order to complement the story he needed to capture some photographs of the action.


Greschner photographs a mulching machine as it removes buckthorn from a roadside ditch. Copyright 2016 Travis Nyhus

 After returning from the field, Greschner downloads his photographs and properly names them. He then checks the website of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to clarify some information regarding the story for next week.

 Journalism has changed so much during Greschner’s time at The Chronotype. He first started with a typewriter and laying out his pages manually. Now Greschner can make the layout of a page in about five minutes on Adobe InDesign. It makes it so much easier for editors like Greschner to experiment with layout designs with the development of digital technology.

 Another place where digital technology has been helpful to Greschner is with cameras. Greschner is now able to take dozens of photographs at sporting events when before it was difficult having to carry around film and not knowing what the pictures look like until they were developed.

 While meeting deadlines is a stressful part of being a journalist, Greschner loves many aspects of his job. The ability to essentially be his own boss when it comes to creating his pages, and the chance to meet new people when exploring a variety of sports and outdoors stories outweigh any negatives. Greschner says that the most rewarding part of his job is being able to see your work every week in the paper and knowing that people enjoy reading what you write.

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