A job shadow of Luc Anthony

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Luc Anthony works on recordings for a radio station.

By Allison Anhalt

Recently, I was given the opportunity to do a job shadow at Midwest Family Broadcasting, an organization that provides radio across the Midwest, including Eau Claire. Midwest Family Broadcasting provides Eau Claire stations like WAXX, I-94 WIAL, The Real Rock WECL and others. I shadowed Luc Anthony.

Luc Anthony is an On-Air personality and Morning talk show host who works on stations like Bob FM, NewsTalk on WAYY and I-94. I was able to watch and learn from Anthony as he went about his day and to experience what all goes into working on the radio.

I was lucky enough to be able to shadow at the station on two different days so I could get the chance to experience two different aspects of radio.The first day that I shadowed, I went in later in the day. By the afternoon, a lot of the stations no longer have a live DJ, so I got to experience a lot of “behind the scenes” things like voice tracking, where the radio hosts record promotions and song introductions ahead of time, and commercial creation. I watched Anthony introduce a song and then later we listened to the station to hear what he had just made. During this afternoon, I got to listen in on an interview and even talk to Peter Noone from Herman’s Hermits.

The second day that I went in to the station, I arrived earlier in the morning and I was able to watch several live talk shows. I saw George and Sue’s morning show, Alex and Cora on WAXX and I also saw News Director Dan Lea present the news live. With these two experiences it was clear that even during one day there is a variety of different jobs a radio personality will do.

I learned through this job shadow that working on the radio was something that I really wanted to do and when I talked to Luc Anthony he told me how he himself got into radio. Anthony graduated Luther College in Iowa where he earned a degree in vocal music education. While in school, he worked in radio as a volunteer, and as a senior he did his own student hosted news talk show. Prior to his professional work, Anthony loved music and listened to the American Top 40. Along with this love for music, Anthony also has background in media because his dad worked as the news director for WEAU TV.

“Between those two things, getting involved in radio and getting involved with music was just kind of natural,” said Anthony. “It just kind of came to me and I enjoyed doing it.”

In this clip Anthony talks about how to prepare for a job on the radio and the skills needed to succeed.

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