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Embedded journalists perform key oversight role

By Richard Dean There are numerous practices that possess a double edge. Embedded reporting is such an activity, owning both negative and positive effects. Whether one is allied with the practice or arrayed against it depends upon which they place … Continue reading

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Segmented media contributes to political polarization

With the dawn of digital media, independent news agencies don’t need to have stories that pander to everyone, but this may not be a good thing. Traditional news media historically have had to appeal to as many people as possible … Continue reading

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Learning Blog: Objective writing and covering sports

I wrote for my high school newspaper, the Pony Express for my last two years of high school and gained a foundational knowledge of news writing through writing for that paper that I was able to utilize throughout high school … Continue reading

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Journalists should avoid political spin

By Kevin Bergsbaken         Journalism plays an incredible role in the media coverage of a presidential debate.  When it comes to writing a story on a candidate, journalists need to make sure they don’t take in everything as … Continue reading

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Learning Log #1

On September 12th, in class, we were introduced to the concept of news elements. Which include impact, emotion, proximity, prominence, novelty, conflict, and immediacy. These elements help decide what makes the story important to readers. For example, one who is … Continue reading

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News media perpetuates “rape culture”

By Nicole Bellford A recent study from the Association of American Universities states 27 percent of collegiate women will be sexually assaulted by the time they graduate. While many blame the oppressor, perhaps it is necessary to trace the issue to an additional realm: … Continue reading

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