Learning Log #1

On September 12th, in class, we were introduced to the concept of news elements. Which include impact, emotion, proximity, prominence, novelty, conflict, and immediacy. These elements help decide what makes the story important to readers. For example, one who is from the Saint Paul or Minneapolis area may find that a story written about a shooting that occurred in the city may be of importance to them because of the story’s proximity. It could also be the story’s proximity that may place some sort of impact on the reader, emphasizing community safety. However, for others who aren’t from around that area may not have any desire or interest to read it because it does not affect them or apply to their daily lives. All of these elements play important and crucial roles in journalism and reporting the news because their roles are to inform the readers on what is going on by applying concepts that may relate to them or to affect them somehow. Before taking this course, I didn’t have much of an idea about what goes into reporting news and reporting the story to a reader. Since reading the text and discussing news elements in class it has changed the way I look at news, because now I understand how these elements are important to a story and attracting readers. I am more of an open reader because it, meaning I can identify who would be attracted to specific news because of the elements it contains. For example, recently in Minnesota, a small town known as Lonsdale has a restaurant that’s sign includes the phrase, “Muslims get out!” Now this definitely doesn’t sit well with me because I am from Minnesota and do not support this act of hate and prejudice. While reading this I felt the impact and emotion of the story as well its proximity, even though I’m not a resident of Lonsdale, I still felt this resonated with me because I am from Minnesota and that this hate statement doesn’t represent the ideas and views that the majority of others across our great state have.

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