Day to day with Judy Clark.

By Melanie Turkowitch

A typical day for Judy Clark, news anchor for WEAU 13, would start by walking to her desk and logging onto her computer to see what news stories she needs to cover for the day.

Her first show on Monday is at 10 a.m., which she does on her own because the producer isn’t present during the show. Usually the producer will arrive at the news room around 11 a.m. along with the rest of the news reporters.  Then Clark begins by arranging the local stories first and the hard news stories second. Featured stories typically fall near the middle or the end of the news segment. Once she’s decided what stories she’s going to cover she looks for b-roll shots and raw footage to put in her story either while she’s speaking over the video or when natural sound will be used.

Because WEAU 13 is an affiliate of NBC, most of the news teams footage out of the local boundaries is found on NBC’s website and used in their story. After finding which graphics and audio elements to use, she’s ready to start her Monday show.


Judy Clark Meeting with Drug Free Campaign Chair, Joe Luginbill to raise awareness about drug abuse. 2016 ©Melanie Turkowitch.

Clark graduated from the University Of Wisconsin-Eau Claire majoring in communication and minoring in journalism. While in college she worked as a production assistant for WQOW 18 part time. During her senior year at UW-Eau Claire she landed an intern position at WAXX Radio as a news reporter and an anchor part-time. After Clark graduated college she was hired full-time at WAXX Radio for 2 1/2 years. Finally she landed a full time position at WEAU 13 and has been here for 26 years as a news anchor.

I asked Clark if she had any advice to give journalism students. She recommends beginning with an internship to familiarize yourself with the day-to-day operations of the newsroom. It’s important to grasp a better understanding of how to work with the news equipment, and how to create a story with little information. You have to fact-check, collect images for your story’s b-roll, capture footage, audio and create headlines for your stories. An internship is the key to being prepared and successful in the news field.

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