Job Shadow: Taylor Pelissero, account manager

By Maxwell Inskeep

It is crucial in today’s society for companies to be well known and have some sort of brand awareness in relation to the public. Stokes+HERZOG is an agency offering personal, creative services which include graphic design, press releases, website development and design, video production and strategic planning. Their team takes care of it all so that companies are able to run their businesses without having to worry about any of these things.


Taylor Pelissero working on a client’s Facebook page.                                          © 2016 Maxwell Inskeep

I was able to sit down and talk to an account manager, Taylor Pelissero, who is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with a degree in public relations and has a minor in psychology. She is in charge of special event planning for clients and is highly involved in running social media accounts for clients, as well as updating their websites and assuring that the clients are satisfied. Whether it’s composing posts on Facebook and Twitter or laying out a page for Pinterest, Pelissero is constantly writing and making sure that their clients are making a name for themselves through social media and to the public.

A lot of what is done through this company involves reaching out to the public and making sure that they’re receiving the correct information they deserve. It is helpful in understanding what actually needs to be presented to the public as news or just information regarding one of their many clients. Their team knows what type of information is appropriate to inform the public with in order to raise awareness of their clients. Pelissero also emphasizes the importance of being consistently active on social media and connecting with the public.

Stokes+HERZOG offers an important service for companies that involves connecting the company to the public through social media, press releases and website development. They give a voice to their clients who may not have the skills or the time to manage their own social media accounts. Stokes+HERZOG allows companies to maintain their everyday work life, while they make sure that the public knows who these companies are and what they do.





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