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Rick Steves, A European Take on America’s War on Marijuana

By being informal and animated, Steves was able to easily relate to the crowd With many European countries legalizing marijuana, Rick Steves, travel writer, says the U.S. should follow suit. “I’m not trying to promote drug use,” Steves said. “I’m trying … Continue reading

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Journalistic conversations about race

By Samantha West With the continuation of unarmed people of color being killed by police, obviously the awareness of how race is portrayed within the media has heightened. It is crucial journalists are not just reporting those deaths, but examining … Continue reading

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Travel writer advocates drug law reform at 75th Forum Series

By Hannah Pitzl The criminalization of marijuana in the United States creates more harm than good, and the drug itself isn’t the issue, travel-writer Rick Steves said during a speech advocating the reform of the nation’s marijuana laws. “I’m not in … Continue reading

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The Forum: Rick Steves addresses marijuana legalization

By Samantha West America should take a look across the Atlantic at European approaches to marijuana that focus on harm reduction rather than criminalization, award winning guidebook author Rick Steves said. “This is not soft on drugs, we’re going to … Continue reading

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Rick Steves’ new approach to marijuana policies

By Sadie Sedlmayr Guidebook and travel TV host Rick Steves said to a friendly audience in the 75th forum at Schofield Auditorium in the University of Eau Claire on November 16 at 7:30 p.m., he  wants to legalize the laws for … Continue reading

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Rick Steves, The United States and Marijuana

By Maxwell Inskeep Travel author and internationalist Rick Steves is not pro-marijuana, but is anti-prohibition. “I’m not promoting marijuana…” said Steves. “I am promoting harm reduction and taking crime out of the equation.” Steves spoke to an audience of around 450 at … Continue reading

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Rick Steves European Approach To Marijuana

By Melanie Turkowitch Rick Steves does not promote the use of marijuana rather he promotes the idea that the nation should enforce less punishable laws for users. “If your advocating for the change of law you’re not advocating the breaking … Continue reading

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Rick Steves discusses marijuana legalization at 75th Forum series

By Nicole Bellford   Prominent travel writer Rick Steves said it is time America followed suit with European marijuana policies, thus taking a pragmatic harm-reduction approach rather than one of moralized incarceration. “It’s not a matter of being soft or … Continue reading

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Rick Steves discuss drug-policy reform from a European perspective at 75th Forum

By Libby Schauer American guidebook author and TV travel guide Rick Steves argued that European’s pragmatic harm reduction stance on drug use is more effective than the incarceration tactics utilized by the United States. “We can either tolerate alternative lifestyles, or … Continue reading

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Rick Steves talks legalization of marijuana at 75th annual Forum series

By Emilee Wentland The United States should follow the lead of many European countries and legalize the recreational use of marijuana in order to reduce harm, said Rick Steves, travel television host. “We’re not going to be soft on drugs,” … Continue reading

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