Learning Blog #2

By Kai Luo
We’ve been learning Beginning Journalism for two months, it would be a good time to do summary of what I learned from this class and what I should still work on.

This month my effort to learn were not that successful because the assignments are more difficult and need more language skills, it is really a challenge for me, even I went to the writing center every time I finished my paper, there are still some problems in my essay. And I sometimes it would be a little hard for me to understand what should I do to finish the assignment or how to do it right.

As far as I am concerned, the best way to solve my problem is to study harder than before, I will try to read more and write more, what’s important is remember the mistakes I made and don’t do it again.

I made an important breakthrough in my understanding of the structure of American news and its basic format. It is very different from Chinese news’, and I finally understand why all my teachers told me that English is a language with strong logic. Everything in English is transparent and clear when you use it appropriately.

I was finally able to make progress because I tried my best to understand what professor was teaching and to finish the assignments.

The hardest part for me is still the language barrier, I feel so sorry about it because I think I let others down. I tried so hard, but I still can’t catch up with my classmates. To be honest, I’m a little disappointed with myself. But anyway, I won’t give up, I will work harder to bridge the gap.

I need the help with my English, so I will find a native speaker to work with my English together, actually, I already found a girl who is learning Chinese, we can help each other with the language barrier.

I’m proud of myself today because I studied very intent. I changed my way to learn today–I put my phone away and forced myself to focus on studying, then I noticed that my learning efficiency was improved and I can finish my assignment with shorter time. That’s really amazing.

One thing I learned this week about how I learn is that I could learn well when I was intent, or it would take me a long time to finish my homework or other study assignments.

Through two months study of journalism, I know that I need to do a better job of writing during t he next class session when I study because this is an important part of journalism and I didn’t do a good job on it.

I saw a connection between journalism and the real world, which I think is important because it makes me understand the meaning to be a journalist. And I want to be a good journalist in the future, to let the world know the truth I know, to make the world better.

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