Learning Log #2

Throughout class meetings since our first learning log, I found that covering our profile subject has been very beneficial to my learning and my skills for my major in public relations and for this class as a journalist.

I have been talking to TV-10’s station manager, Anna Wischmann, who has let me interview her and take footage around TV-10’s studio.

This project has allowed me to see more of what our campus has to offer. I was well aware prior to this assignment that TV-10 was a student organization on our campus. However, I did not know what exactly it offered to our campus.

TV-10 aims to educate the students of UW-Eau Claire on events that take place around our campus and community. One of the big functions that TV-10 offers is live broadcasting university athletics. It is a very important part of the organization because students and families have access to see the games online if they’re unable to make it to the game in person.

I have been learning so much more around the camera while doing this assignment. Although I have had previous experience with filming and capturing useful footage, this project has definitely helped improve my skills and made me feel comfortable around the camera when filming.

I also feel as though my interviewing skills have gotten better. I had to produce very thoughtful and relevant questions when sitting down and talking to students in the TV-10 organization. This forced me to open up and be much more comfortable when talking one on one with a subject.

Before this assignment, I felt somewhat timid when meeting someone and having to sit them down and ask questions. Now, I feel like I am very comfortable with this since I have experienced the process surrounding interviewing multiple people and entering an environment that I had little knowledge of.

I learn best through experience and hands-on material. This assignment has offered both of these learning styles, which has given me a better opportunity to improve on skills that I will need for the future when communicating with the public.

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