Learning Log #2

Over the past couple of weeks we have learned a lot of critical skills to becoming a good journalist. Some mechanisms i fully understand and others I’m still in the process of learning.

Journalism as a whole is easy i love it and i love writing a good story. Sometimes there are grammatical errors that i miss and others are issues with AP format. Ive learned it takes practice, practice, practice to become better. The assignments and the lab really give me a good understanding of how to approach a story and structure it.

The past few assignments have helped me gain a better understanding of leads and nut graphs. Ive enjoyed the previous assignments but I’m anxious to start working on covering the forum speech. It will be a fun experience just like WEAU 13 and I’m interested as to what Rick Steves has to say.

I have more knowledge about quotes, past and present tenses and attributions so i think this will turn out to be a great story. I will have to focus on grammar and punctuation a little more than my previous stories.

Ive also learned to double check my names and dates so that there isn’t a fact error. As a journalist that can lose your credibility. Another thing is that I’ve became non partisan , i do not have a side. I see both republican, democratic and independent  parties as equal. The readings and lectures have really helped me become a better journalist.

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