Learning Log #2 (LATE?)

I hate to admit it but I’m definitely struggling with this assignment.  Even with CJ 184 under my belt, this project is just kicking my butt.  It’s not that it’s particularly hard or anything, I’ve just completely forgotten what I’m doing on any of the adobe applications.  Technology is not my cup of tea and this project is waving that in my face.

On the other hand, I think that my actual profile story and broadcast script both turned out very well and I’m generally not all the worried for the final.  Even though it is comprehensive 😦

This semester has been a great learning experience.  Or relearning rather.

I’ve taken journalism courses and been writing for school newspapers and the like for a long time.  This class gave me a chance to relearn and revamp what I had forgotten and what I knew.

Thankfully or sadly (you could argue either side) this class is just an elective for me this semester and I won’t be taking any higher level journalism courses at UWEC.

But now I have this class under my belt and can only go up from here.

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