How media portrays gender roles

By Alyssa Layton

© The Huffington Post

© The Huffington Post


At the rate journalism is evolving, you’d think the gender roles in the news room would do the same. According to NiemanReports, women still don’t hold high power and do very little decision making.

“Even in the United States, figures produced by the National Federation of Press Women (1993) show that women have been increasing their share of management posts by only one percent per year since 1977,” NiemanReports said, making readers aware that it probably won’t be another 30 years until equality will balance out.

Women seem to outnumber men going into journalism, but only a few will have high up jobs. According to Suzanne Franks, an author for, says how the pay gap between men and women in journalism is still widely different.

Women have become successful in their reporting fields and are now becoming successful in television broadcasting. The only problem with broadcasting is, “They know that what the major networks want is a frontline account from a (preferably pretty) woman in a flak jacket.” Anne Sebba, a British biographer, writer, lecturer and journalist, said.

As society changes, so will gender roles in journalism. Women won’t be expected to stick to what they know and be historically confined as “pink ghettos”.

Opportunities will come about and women will be able to embrace what is usually known for men like crime and politics. As society changes, so will the roles of women in journalism.


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