Underrepresentation of Women in News Media

By Kenzie Mueller

Women are prominent and powerful figures in society, but how often they are portrayed in news media would show otherwise. Not only is the amount of coverage on women in the news lacking, but how they are displayed tends to be stereotyped into specific gender roles.

According to Global Media Monitoring Project, women make up only 24 percent of the people heard, read or seen in the news. The Global Media Monitoring Project works to inform the public on the lack of representation of women in the media through different studies. They strive to make a change on the gender biased content in the media. Women make up half of the population yet are hardly covered in the news and are focused on their roles at home, rather than their accomplishments. Women are making substantial contributions in today’s community, but society will not know the changes that are shaping our world if they are not covered in the news.


Examples of gender biased news media

News is our main source of communication throughout the world and how each individual stays connected globally. This connection is being hindered through gender-biased programming and its inadequate representation of the female population.

A potential problem with the lack of women’s coverage in news media may stem from the shortage of influential high ranked positions held by women within a newsroom according some media scholars, leaders and observers. This repetition of men making the decisions on what is shown in the media can have a  large impact on societies view of gender roles. News media keeps our world connected and this hindrance on equal coverage of genders is shaping how society views women.

In order to change this underrepresentation, small changes along the way will not be enough. A major undertaking needs to happen of the media coming together and taking a stand to create a healthy balance of content between gender roles.


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