Job Shadow: Tom Giffey, Managing Editor: Volume One


Tom Giffey working at his desk at Volume One magazine.

Volume One Magazine is a culture and entertainment magazine in the Chippewa. They keep the community updated on music, events, restaurants, and more online and in a print magazine that comes out every two weeks. They release a magazine full of the cultural happenings in Eau Claire as well as stories about the people who live here.

The owner of the magazine, Nick Meyer, also owns many other businesses in Eau Claire including being a partner in the new Oxbow Hotel and The Lakely. Along with Volume One there is also The Local Store and the Volume One Gallery which all coexist in the same building, creating a fun and creative atmosphere. The company is quite unlike anything else in the area. While most print media has decreased in recent years Volume One continues to get more popular, one of the magazine’s managing editors said.

Tom Giffey is one of the managing editors and a writer. Listen to how he got his start in journalism and became the managing editor for Volume One.

When I first arrived to Volume One Tom showed me around the office, showing me how the magazine runs. The first thing I noticed was the swing in the middle of the room, and the young age of everyone who worked there. Tom introduced himself as “the old guy” in the office, because he said that most people who worked there were right out of college. After showing me around the office he talked to me about how get got his start in journalism.

Tom also explained to me a little bit about his process of how he interviews people for stories and then I got to see it in action. I got sit in on an interview that he had with a couple of guys who publish a magazine full of art work and writings from inmates in prisons around the country. As they talked about what they were doing, how they were doing, and how it was a good thing for so many people. Tom asked questions and took notes on everything important that they said. He asked questions that kept the story moving and so they could clear up anything that was unclear. After the interview he told me that before he talked to them he didn’t know if he could make a story out of it but afterwards he thought that it would be something that people in the community would be really interested in. He also told me that the photographer from Volume One would be taking pictures for when the story would be published.

Tom also invited me to be a contributing writer for Volume One once I get more experience in writing. My experience job shadowing for Tom was great. It was really wonderful to get to see a real journalist in action getting the story and to hear what it’s like to work for such a unique publication.

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