Job Shadow at Target Headquarters

By Kenzie Mueller


Koppel at a meeting with a potential buyer. ©2017 Kenzie Mueller

The idea of working in a large company has always appealed to me, but the exact job title I could someday have with a communications degree is daunting. Target is a business that is successful, inviting and driven towards making improvements among clients and employees. After my job shadow with Kelsie Koppel, a senior sourcing manager at Target Headquarters, I found myself excited in the possibilities my future holds within a large corporation.

Koppel graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College with a degree in Business Management. She had an internship at an insurance company under her belt and a vague idea of what she wanted to do with her degree. Just like me, Koppel job shadowed at Target Headquarters and fell in love with the atmosphere and immediately knew this was the right fit for her. After 8 years and multiple job titles, Koppel has created a family at Target that she wouldn’t trade for anything.

Koppel’s advice in preparing for the workforce is to put yourself out there because you will never know unless you try. Being open to change and staying driven has helped her grow at such a large company.

“The best thing I did for myself was applying to multiple jobs in order to create possibilities for myself in the future” Koppel said.

Koppel started at Target as a specialist in sourcing services in the women’s department and has moved her way up to a senior sourcing manager in the seasonal department. She determines who the vendors will be for certain products and which countries these products will be produced in and negotiates the costs of products on behalf of Target.

Koppel and I started our day at a meeting with her team to talk about a future trip to China, then met with a buyer to discuss deadlines for potential vendors and finished the day off touring different departments within the marketing branch.

Witnessing Koppel at her job was an eye opening experience because I had no idea how much went into each product at Target. Every employee has a specific job that is crucial to keeping the company running smoothly. Koppel is a part of a small team that works on season products, and each team member is in charge of something different that helps put their products on the floor at Target stores around the United States. The vast amount of jobs within a huge corporation such as Target is appealing to me because there are always ways to improve and change if a certain job is not the right fit for you.

Even though I don’t think I will become a sourcing manager at Target Headquarters, this job shadow opened many doors for me. This experience allowed me to see how a business runs on a day to day basis and understand how every member of a company is important and there for a reason. I am thankful I was allowed to experience what a job at Target Headquarters is like because it solidified my desire to work for a large corporation, hopefully in the public relations and marketing department.

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