Sexism in broadcast news

Female journalists have received a lot of backlash for their vocal opinions, particularly in TV reporting. Even when women are fully educated, capable, and deserving of their position, men still feel the need to make them feel less than.

Women are being harassed by men on the air. They’re being taken down by politicians, officials, and even other journalists.

Harassment towards female reporters is something that is increasingly common on cable TV. The Huffington Post wrote an article and created a compilation video showing the blatant disrespect towards women journalists.


One specific example involved Megyn Kelly, a United Sates journalist, and political commentator on FOX News. She was labeled as being, “fascinated by sex” by a politician, Newt Gingrich.

In an interview on October 24th, 2016, she discussed the matters of Donald Trump’s sexual assault accusations. She then said, “As a media story, we don’t get to say that 10 women are lying. We have to cover that story, sir.” Gingrich responded by saying it wasn’t worth covering. And the feud went on from there.

But the brutal mistreating of women journalists didn’t stop there. It happens on a daily basis through multiple cable news channels.

Another example, from FOX News, is an interview between Gavin McInnes and Tamara Holder.tamara

The conversation started in a disagreement about liberals versus conservatives. Then, Gavin McInnes took it to a new level. He stated, “women in America make less than men because they choose to.” Then, just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, he says to Tamara, “you’d be much happier at home with a husband and children.”

These occurrences of deliberate sexism in the news room are growing, which is unfortunate. But female journalists are getting better at handling them. More exposure of these interviews will hopefully bring change.

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