Haymarket Landing Runs Out Of Parking Spaces For Students


There are signs labeled around the building for students and parents to find the parking garage in Haymarket Landing. ©Casey Ryan 2017


The students at Haymarket Landing are hoping to be able to park in the public city garages downtown. This would be a 5 minute walk from the apartment building. ©Casey Ryan 2017


The University is attempting to gain more parking spots through the public city parking in Phoenix Park. ©Casey Ryan 2017


Jon Von-Felld a sophomore at Eau Claire says he bikes to his car to get to work and school. He has to park on residential streets and bike a mile to his car. ©Casey Ryan 2017


Students without a parking spot, find it difficult to find parking on the streets. There are time limits on city streets to park. ©Casey Ryan 2017


The parking garage has 105 garage spots but has 400 students living in the building. Students who have jobs are having to park in residential areas and bike to their cars. ©Casey Ryan 2017


Nathaniel King, a junior bikes to school and work everyday. Many students are finding it difficult to have a car at school without a parking spot option. ©Casey Ryan 2017


Many students are choosing to bike, since the parking spots are full. The bike racks are overflowing, students are finding it difficult to find space for their bikes. ©Casey Ryan 2017

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