Young Brothers Art Show Attracts UWEC Students to The Goat Coffee Shop

Photo 4

UW- Eau Claire Sophomores Madeline Mongan and Lindsay Hein read about the featured artist at the Young Brothers Art show.


Photo 5

While looking at the art work displayed on the walls throughout the coffeehouse Mongan explains why she likes the paintings more than the photographs to Hein.
“I like the art more. The paintings have a softer vibe.” Mongan remarks.


Photo 6

Hein explains that she prefers the photographs over paintings. This specific photograph is titled “butterfly” and is being sold for $100 at the coffee house.
“The images taken by the Young Brothers are crisp, so I like the photography more.” says Hein.


Photo 2

Along with the monthly art shows held by the Goat, students may also come to the coffee shop to order coffee and read a book. Hein does so after looking at all of the art pieces.

Photo 3

If students wish to, they can purchase a beverage from the Goat to drink while they watch the show. The coffee house offers a large variety of drinks.

Photo 1

“We get students who come into the coffee shop often to look at the different art shows,” The Goat barista comments, “there is a different show every month so we get a chance to display a variety of local artist.”

Photo 7

After looking at the artwork by the Young Brothers, Mongan and Hein sit down and talk about what they liked the most about the show. The Young Brothers will have their art show on display until September 30th, 2017.

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