Shannon Gunderson- Learning Log 1

Over the past month I have learned so much more about Journalism than I expected I would. I already see myself becoming a stronger, more professional writer. I now know how to write stronger leads, and briefs. I took AP English classes in High School, which was a preview of what is expected of me as a writer, but since being in Beginning Journalism I see myself learning these expectations more and using them more efficiently.

When I used to write my leads I tended to drag on. I never really got straight to the point, which resulted in my readers being bored quickly. For the lab in Beginning Journalism one of the first things we worked on was how to write a strong lead that would keep my readers interested. Now after practicing how to write a stronger lead, and using those skills, I feel that my writing is so much better. When I write a piece for my blog I want my readers to want to keep reading on, and not be bored with my writing. The lead could be argued as being the most crucial part of the piece because it is what initially draws a readers attention.

A brief is a concise piece of news.  Before this class I did not know what a brief was. I knew that newspapers and magazines had “short stories”, but did not know that they were called briefs. In Beginning Journalism I learned how to write a brief in my lab, which was probably the hardest project I’ve had to do in the class so far. Since I like to write, I tend to write a lot more than I need to. Writing a brief was so new to me, and I wasn’t used to cramming so much information in a little story. This was a good thing for me to learn because I now know that I can get the story out with just a small amount of writing, just as long as the information is there.

Overall, the class has been a really great experience for me. I am working with deadlines and am working on my writing skills everyday. I’m excited to see how the rest of the course goes, because I know it will make me a better writer. It is the pathway to my career. These skills I am learning now will be used for the rest of my life, and will set me up for a strong and successful future in Journalism.



About shannonsrecords

Sophomore at UW-Eau Claire Majoring in Journalism
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