Job Shadow


Judy Clark from WEAU 13 News. A reporter, anchor and producer for the noon and four o’clock show. ©2017 Casey Ryan

By: Casey Ryan

I decided to job shadow Judy Clark from WEAU 13 News. She is an anchor and producer of the twelve o’clock and four o’clock show. They have three shows a day the twelve o’clock, four o’clock and five o’clock show. I was able to come in the morning before the twelve o’clock show and watch how she has to get all the content for twelve o’clock show. WEAU 13 News is part of the Associated Press and NBC to get their news stories from. They pick and choose national news or worldwide news to cover on their shows daily. They write the briefs that they say during the air and then show the news coverage from NBC or the AP.

I was able to see behind the scenes of how they broadcast each show. Every morning the reporters that work at WEAU 13 News come in at ten in the morning and pitch a story. If their story gets approved then they make calls to get interviews and follow their story. By the end of the day they have to have their video, B-roll, interviews and story all put together by the  five o’clock news. Then the producers pick and choose local stories to run that day. By the end of the day if they don’t like your story then they most likely won’t run your story.

It seems like a lot of work to me if your story doesn’t run. I didn’t realize how difficult a reporting job is. You have to go out alone with your own video camera and equipment and basically make the story yourself. Judy had a lot of insight on how to balance reporting and real life. She said she had to start off her career doing the night shift at WEAU 13 News. It can be difficult because when you are reporting the night shift with a family or significant other.

She said internships were also key to receiving a job after college. She said it was easier when she was younger because internships were all paid. Now it’s a lot more difficult to get a paid internship. She said typically she has seen reporters come to WEAU 13 News and stay for around three years and then move on to another place.



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