Job Shadow with Brian Maki of Volume One


Last week I had the opportunity to do a job shadow with Brian Maki, the Advertising manager at Volume One. It was a good experience for me to see what it is like working in the advertising field and talking with Brian he gave me a lot of information on the types of things he does around Volume One. Also shared his career path and he gave me some helpful advice for me as being in advertising is something I am interested in for my future. Brian definitely has a unique story on how he got into advertising. He graduated from the UW-River Falls with a degree in psychology and a minor in business. After thinking about going to grad school for psychology he decided he would try and get some real world experience. Before working at Volume One he worked at the Leader Telegram for 12 years and also worked for WEAU-13 and a technology company.

Brian works on a variety of community driven initiatives such as publishing a magazine every two weeks. He provides feedback on proposals and takes calls from companies looking to advertise through Volume One. He also has formal appointments with companies like Leinenkugels. Currently he is reviewing their action plan in 2017 and all of the advertising they have been doing through Volume One. Brian also said the job can be stressful at times with managing a variety of different sized advertising budgets and accounts. They work on a lot of initiatives in a short period of time and requires someone working in there to be very well organized. They are also looking at their goals and objectives for 2018 that are relative to their promotional calendar in 2018 and seeing how Volume One can help meet their goals. He is also working on integrating video into Volume One and capturing the contemporary vibe of Volume One through video.

Some of the advice he gave me for  was to be a really good critical thinker. He also said to be familiar with all of the different types of advertising like the internet, social media, print, radio, billboards, and video. He also said to be familiar with the different types of targeting that is used on the internet like contextual targeting, behavioral targeting, and geotargeting.

In conclusion I learned a lot about what it is like to work in advertising through watching Brian Maki at his job and talking with him.It seemed like he was passionate about his job and eager to share what his job was like. After the job shadow I still think working in advertising is something that I want to do in my future based on my experience job shadowing Brian Maki.


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