Job Shadow- WEAU Judy Clark

judy clarkkkkk

Judy Clark, News Anchor for local news channel 13, interviews Judy-Thesing Ritter, the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire’s Executive Director for Diversity and Inclusion. © 2017 Jenna Ambrosius .


By: Jenna Ambrosius

This past week I had the opportunity to shadow news anchor Judy Clark at local news channel 13- WEAU. Judy is an anchor and a producer. During this experience, I learned that there are many different types of jobs that people can do in a newsroom, not just a reporter or an anchor. When I first decided that I wanted to study journalism, I knew that I wanted to become an anchor someday. Watching my local news in my hometown made it seem like being an anchor would be an easy and fun job. After shadowing Judy, I’ve learned that it is not as easy as it appears on TV. Judy was also the producer of one of her shows, so she had to do a lot of work ahead of time to make sure everything was running smoothly when she finally went on air.

Along with an anchor, I was able to shadow a multimedia reporter and also a digital producer, who was in charge of running the station’s website. K.C, the station’s digital producer, allowed me to write a story that she actually posted on the website with my name on it. I thought that this was a really cool hands-on experience, and she gave me a lot of good feedback about my writing. Unfortunately, I was not able to go out into the field with a reporter and see what they really do, so my shadow was mostly just watching people work in the newsroom and I was not able to get the full excitement of going out and reporting.

At the end of my shadow, I got to watch Judy anchor her 4 o’clock show. It was fascinating to see that there is no one else in the studio with her, and all of the cameras and lights are operated from a completely separate room. One of the most exciting parts of the shadow was that after it was done, they encouraged me to apply for an internship and said that they are always looking for fast learners. This shadow opened my eyes to a new possible career, a digital producer. I love working with technology and doing that job sounds like something that I would be interested in. I hope that someday I can intern at WEAU and get a job working in a newsroom.

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