Evan Hong: Job Shadow with Bob Bradovich

By Evan Hong


WQOW Sports Director Bob Bradovich in his office. ©2017 Evan Hong

Since 9th grade, I’ve been interested in the world of sports journalism. After becoming involved with TV10 on the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire campus, I was able to hear from various professionals about their experiences in the profession, one of those being Bob Bradovich, who is the Sports Director for WQOW 18 here in Eau Claire. Right away when I heard about this assignment, I knew I wanted to shadow Bob and hear more from him about his line of work.

Bob Bradovich has held the position of sports director at WQOW since its creation in 1996, but prior to that, Bob didn’t have a clue what he wanted to do for a living. An undergrad at Carleton College, Bob was a pre-med major, but said he lost interest after he found out he had to deal with organic chemistry. With the help of some of his baseball teammates at Carleton, Bob was persuaded to get into TV, and eventually landed his first job at a small station in White Bear Lake, MN (my hometown, ironically). To earn more hands-on experience, Bob pursued a master’s degree at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. From there, he earned jobs at smaller news outlets in Vermont, Iowa, and eventually at WQOW. During his career, Bob says he has done play-by-play sports commentary, hosted a sports TV show, and has taken many other ventures.

The first thing Bob did when I went into the studio was give me a tour of the place. I was surprised to see how small the studio truly is, because typically you would think they would have large, vast areas to work with. He said many news stations are in smaller and cozier buildings. I saw the TV sets, production room, and news rooms, and I was amazed by the amount of technology they have throughout the studio.

After walking through the studio, I was able to see Bob work his magic on editing programs and prepare for his newscasts later that evening. He gave me lessons on how to use the program, as it will be something I’ll do in the future. Bob said that many of the sports team members go out on their own and shoot highlights, along with doing their own editing for their packages, which is something I am currently doing at TV10. As an up and coming sports broadcaster at TV10, I wanted to ask Bob for some advice on how to become a better broadcaster. He told me to be ready for what I am going to say, have many notes prepared, and most importantly to be yourself. Bob says that by taking the ideas of others and meshing it into your own style, you will succeed in the business, and have the potential to meet many of the most polarizing athletes in the game.

I was very pleased with my time spent with Bob. He was very open to answering my questions and giving me advice about my future. I hope one day to follow the career path he has chosen, and who knows, maybe I’ll even work for him.

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