Job Shadow with Tina Hanley

Tina Hanley Beauty Manger at Sephora inside JCPenney
©2017 Kiersten Clifford

By Kiersten Clifford

Tina Hanley is the Beauty Manager at the Sephora inside JCPenney at the Oa

kwood Mall. She has been in the position for four months. Previously she had been the Senior Education Consultant (SEC) and the Operations Consultant (Ops) at the La Crosse location before transferring to Eau Claire for the Beauty Manager position.

While the Beauty Manager of Sephora is not a career in journalism, it is something that I could possibly see myself doing in the future. It is always good to have a backup plan.

The Beauty Manger is in charge of many aspects of the store. She is responsible for the scheduling, for the shipments of products that come in, for making sur

e that all associates are properly trained, and an extensive list of other things.

She is currently working on hiring temporary associates for the holiday season, a task that she is taking very seriously. She runs a small, but close-knit team and making sure that the new hires will fit in.

“Making sure that your team is blending well together is something that I didn’t really think of when I first started this job,” Hanley said. “I’m lucky to have a group of girls that are so close but it also makes it a little bit more challenging to hire people that will fit in.”

When I was sitting with Hanley she was explaining the application process to me, as well as the training that the new hires would have to complete before they could be on the floor.

She was also going over the scheduling something that she says is the most difficult part of the job. She showed me the application that she uses. Everyone has their own lives outside of work and making sure that they all can somehow fit into the times that she needs them is more work than she had been expecting.

Hanley also had me attend a meeting with her that she had with the hair salon manager. They talked about the best way to make sure that customers from the salon were shopping in Sephora and vice versa.

I learned a lot from my time with Hanley. The job is made up of a lot more than I would have realized and we didn’t even really get through all of what she does. We only made it through what she was needing to do that day.

While I don’t think that being the Beauty Manager of a Sephora inside JcPenney is my dream job it is a practical thing to think about. I love makeup and want to stay in the realm of it in my future career and if I have to start out as a Beauty Manager then at least I know now what the job entails.

Listen to Hanley talk about her daily life as beauty manger below.

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