Learning Blog #1

Natalie Leonardelli

CJ 222

During the duration of this class so far, I have learned many aspects of newswriting, reporting, and interviewing that I had not known before. All of these topics have not only aided me in becoming a better, more informed journalist, but have also improved my communication and observation skills. Particularly, the interviewing tips I’ve learned have become especially useful, which I utilized during my most recent project. They enabled me to observe my surroundings more intensely, note my interviewee’s personal mannerisms, and preserve a “golden silence”. In essence, being more attentive and watchful are the most successful processes thus far in my personal journalistic journey.

In particular, the most valuable aspect of being observant has been taking notes of my surroundings. This has allowed me to learn more details about a specific venue, along with attaching a personality to it. Being able to identify a place through its structure, decorations, and aesthetic helped me to recognize more about my interviewee. For example, for my job shadow I visited one of the editors as Volume One. Taking note of her desk area, as well as the office as a whole, I deducted that she is neat and minimalistic. Her desk was uncluttered and clean, with a large bunch of bamboo shoots in a clear vase. The office was the same way- brick walls, a sitting area with grey couches, and large windows. The second aspect I found useful was noting personal mannerisms during the interview. I noticed she put crucial thought into every question I asked by not only listening to her answers, but examining her pauses and facial expressions, as well. There were times when I could detect the “golden silence”, and when this occurred, her responses came off as very thoughtful and pensive. Additionally, several of the responses were long and descriptive, which helped me to obtain more detail on her personal career journey and specifics of the job she currently has.

In the future, I will continue to be observant and thoughtful, forming both of those into a habit; I will also continue to learn personal quirks in order to form an interesting, comprehensive article.

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1 Response to Learning Blog #1

  1. campus386 says:

    I agree with your comment about taking note on our surroundings. Before this class I would have never noticed the little things but now that we are studying as student journalists I find that there is a story in every little thing.

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