Learning Blog #1

Grace Clemens

Beginning Journalism 222

In Beginning Journalism 222 we have started our semester out by learning what is news and what is “newsworthy.” I have found that starting off with the basics of journalism to be very helpful. As journalists we must be able to decipher what is news and what makes it newsworthy. We can do this by deciding how much a story can affect our audience and whether or not the information is a break in the normal flow of events. For example, proximity is a key factor in deciding whether or not the event is newsworthy. If an event takes place in a small town, the population of that town will find it more newsworthy than a big city in a different country. Timeliness is another key factor. If an event such as a robbery, takes place in a small town, it is considered breaking news because the town needs to know about the event immediately. Prominence is also key in a news story. Donald Trump is referenced in almost every nightly news story nationwide because he has prominence by being our nations president. Dr. Brown has given us the tools to be able to be student journalists and discover for ourselves what we deem to be newsworthy.

As a beginning student journalist I have not conducted many proffesional interviews myself and that is why I have been thrilled to learn how to interview an individual. Dr. Brown has give us the oppurtnity to conduct an interview first hand. I appreciate this teaching method as it allows students to learn from personal experience. In lecture we have been given tips to ask open ended questions, follow up questions, and to make sure to keep eye contact throughout the interview. Hearing about Dr. Browns experiences throughout the last few weeks has been eye opening, but now we must earn our own experiences. Currently in class we are working on our Job Shadow projects where we have been instructed to follow an individual throughout their work day and interview them. During this process I will be able to use my interview tools and I will also be able to decipher what is worthy to publish and was isn’t. This class has been and will be helpful on my road to a journalism career.


Harrower, Tim. Inside reporting: a practical guide to the craft of Journalism. Third ed., McGraw-Hill, 2013.

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1 Response to Learning Blog #1

  1. Hello Grace, I think that your post was very thoughtful and well developed. The example from our current news was helpful in helping visualize your point of prominence. I also like that you had mentioned what we are currently doing in class as a way to keep everything up to date. Lastly, I think that it was a good idea to include the book citation since we (as a class) have gathered your information from there.

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