Job Shadow – The Record Review

By: Katelynn Schorer

When thinking about a job shadow assignment, I thought why not go back to my hometown newspaper that I’ve known for as long as I can remember. The newspaper that I grew up with would be a great place to job shadow and see what actually when on behind closed doors. Each person there has a specific genre that they prefer to write about. They cover most of central Wisconsin: Abbotsford, Athens, Colby, Edgar, Marathon, and more. The Record-Review comes out every Wednesday, that being said deadlines are an important aspect for these journalists.

Peter Weinschenk

Peter Weinschenk from The Record – Review, a journalist working on the next big headline for the paper. © 2018 Katelynn Schorer

Peter Weinschenk & Kevin O’Brien were nice enough to let me come back home and help with the paper coming out on the 28th of February.

Weinschenk has worked at TP Printing for the past 37 years and has won three editorial awards in the process. After winning those awards, he believes that just went to show that his writing was only improving over the years.  He was very open about his experience about coming into the field, expressing that he wasn’t one of those journalists that wanted to be apart of his schools’ newspaper. Soon realized that he had such an artistic and creative way of writing and at The Record Review he’s been able to have that.

While Weinschenk worked on contacting people about his upcoming story and O’Brien worked on his piece, they let me work on what’s called the “History’s Corner” of the paper. Which was very cool, because I got to go through old newspapers and pick out events that were considered news back the 1980’s-90’s. Weinschenk was able to take some time to show me around TP Printing, showing me all of the old newspapers and also the printing press. They are one of the only newspaper in the Central Wisconsin area that doesn’t use digital printing and uses actual ink. After working on the History’s Corner and taking a look around the building and working for awhile, I was able to sit down and have an interview with Weinschenk. He gave me a lot of insight and advice about making sure to not overlook the newspaper and that has so much to offer to yourself and the community.  “You got to be in a position to actually do good for people, and I think people appreciate the work you do for them otherwise they wouldn’t take the paper,” Weinschenk expressed before wrapping the interview up.

I was very lucky that I was not only able to spend time with one person but two, learning from two different people was very beneficial. It was a neat experience to see all the work that goes into the newspaper that I grew up reading weekly. Don’t overlook the newspapers, they’re capable of bringing you information and people in the community together.

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