Job Shadow: Andy and Rachael Dick, Hill- Properties Inc.

By: Meagan Weber

As a nursing major, I have job shadowed many different medical-field related jobs, so for this project I decided to do something a little different. That brought me to Andy and Rachael Dick, a couple with their own real-estate company, Hill-Properties Inc., based out of St. Paul, Minnesota.

I drove last weekend to the Dicks’ 10-bedroom mansion they are currently flipping together.  They graciously gave me a short tour of the home, where I was able to capture some important information about the two of them.

The couple has known each other for three years and started their real-estate business around the same time.  Rachael attended the University of Minnesota, and graduated with a degree in business and marketing, whereas Andy graduated from Marquette University with a degree in biomedical engineering.

Straight out of college Andy and his brother decided to start their own business called “Andy and Steve’s Lawn and Landscape.” Andy says he got bored with his landscaping business and wanted to move on, so he established Hill-Properties Inc., where Rachael and Andy buy, remodel and rent short-and long-term rentals.  I was curious as to why they got into the real estate business. “We weren’t happy with the jobs we held at the time we met, so we decided to try real estate and we have been in love with flipping houses ever since” said Rachael.

Andy added in saying there seems to be a stereotype for young college students that they shouldn’t try things beyond their major, but he continued stating, “by truly stepping out of your comfort zone or more simply, finding something you love to do it will make life that much more enjoyable and rewarding.”

In a normal day at work, Andy and his construction team build, demolish and stage houses or apartments for renters and buyers, while Rachael stays back at the house and deals with the management side of things, such as hiring the cleaning crews, evicting renters that misuse the properties and helping book houses out.

Not only do Andy and Rachael find houses to turn into rental properties, they have spent a good amount of time flipping houses as well.  Together, they have flipped and sold 2 houses in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. Rachael says what she enjoys most about the job is welcoming people from out of state, giving them recommendations on things to do and building lasting relationships with a variety of people.

Spending the day with Andy and Rachael gave me hope for my future. The Dicks taught me that no matter what I end up doing in life I should never stop chasing my dreams and trying new things. I walked away with the valuable lesson that stepping out of your comfort zone and building relationships is the key to success.


Rachael Dick in Downtown Saint Paul ©Meagan Weber 2018


Top photo: kitchen after remodel, Bottom photo: kitchen before the remodel ©Rachael Dick 2016

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