Job Shadow – Dylan Tinberg

A young, ambitious, and truly successful employee like Dylan Tinberg is in fact not a common sight. 20-year old full-time, cross-trained manager at Metropolis, one of Eau Claire’s best relieved the four-star resort, a student of the month at Chippewa Valley Technical Collage with aspiration to soon transfer to University of Wisconsin – Stout where he hopes to acquire a degree in his beloved field of Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Although, Tinberg is primarily a hotel manager he is cross-trained, which means he is also qualified to perform many duties not listed in his original job description. That includes overseeing the guest accommodations as well as directly connected to them ball and conference rooms, a pub, Chaos waterpark, and Action City, which includes Wisconsin’s largest trampoline park, a zip line, multiple go-cart tracks, a mini golf course, a game arcade, and its newest addition – the virtual reality platform. “Metropolis is not an ordinary hotel,” he explained.

The casual leadership style practiced by Tinberg is certainly one of the reasons the atmosphere at Metropolis is relaxed and employees’ morale stay high, as despite being one of the highest ranged managers in the hotel he never confines himself to just office work. He is able to delegate both tasks as well as responsibilities while not abusing his power, instead, whenever possible, he joins the workforce himself. “On a busy night I like to throw an apron on and fry burgers side by side with my cooks,” he admitted.

Tinberg’s outstanding work and dedication were recognized quickly by upper management as he has been awarded the title of Employee of the Moth by the end of his very first week at Metropolis Resort. He was promoted soon after that and, with a little or no delay, honored as the Manager of the Month.

Nevertheless, Tinberg does not take credit for his multiple accomplishments at Metropolis. He is convinced he could not have done any of the things he is applauded for if the culture of the company was different. At Metropolis all employees are encouraged to innovate and share their ideas, “They listen to us,” Tinberg said, “that’s why it all works.”

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