Job Shadow: Morning News Anchor Tyler Mickelson

By Grace Clemens

A morning news Anchor must be vivacious, confident and a people person and that is a perfect description of reporter, Tyler Mickelson. After years of job changes and moving across the country, Mickelson finally sits in the news anchor chairs at WEAU 13. He is joined on the set of Hello Wisconsin by his co- anchor and partner Courtney Everett. Being a news reporter has always been a dream of mine but never one that I ever thought would be possible. I am so thankful that I was able to see Tylers day to day workload and how he brings such energy to everything that he does for his audience. Tyler was able to give me a clear and honest view into the life of a reporter. He was able to show me the perks of being on television every morning but also informed me that as a reporter you need to be confident in your work because even if you give your best report the audience will not always receive very well. Tyler stated that reporters need the reassure themselves daily that they are doing their duty as a reporter, and that is to inform the audience of news worthy events regardless of the backlash that they may receive for it.

In the maze of the WEAU 13 building Tyler starts off his night by being welcomed by producers and directors who are hard at working beginning to package stories together for the morning show. Here he is able to look back at stories that were written by the 5 o’clock news and decipher if that information will still be current for his audience by morning. The morning crew of WEAU 13 is dedicated to giving their audience the relevant news to keep them updated while also giving them a fresh morning start and exciting news events to look forward to.

Tylers broadcast journalism career started way back in Southwest Minnesota State University where he graduated with a degree in Speech Communication. From there he moved to Great Falls, Montana to follow his dream of being a news reporter. Since his work in Montana, Tyler has anchored for KIMT-TV in Mason City, Iowa and is now officially settled into Eau Claire with his wife and two sons. Being raised on a tobacco farm north of Madison, Wisconsin didn’t leave much room for free time but Tyler was still able to develop a love for sports. By playing football all throughout high school and even into college, Tyler is able to cover sports, specifically the Minnesota Wild hockey team, with such eagerness and joy which brings a smile to everyone’s face so early in the morning.

I am very thankful for this job shadow assignment. To be able to sit in a news studio while they are airing live was a sixty minute adrenaline rush. This opportunity has opened my eyes to a whole other side of reporting that I have never experienced first hand.



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