Minnesota Wild- State of Hockey

By Karissa Plath

In the basement of the Minnesota Wild headquarters in Saint Paul, Minnesota, it is a one-women-show running the State of Hockey brand. After Anne Anderson took control of the brand, the numbers and business have sky-rocketed. The State of Hockey brand aims to capture the passion of hockey in Minnesota from mites to professional hockey.

Anderson’s daily job responsibilities very from hour to hour, day to day, week to week. These duties depend on the State of Hockey’s busy season; between September through March. During these months, Anderson is production, event and retail focused. Anderson has also developed a television series called “Dream.State.” which follows the journey of a high school hockey team to the Minnesota State Tournament whose goal is to rewrite history. In the hockey off-season, Anderson focuses her efforts on planning for the upcoming year by getting sponsorships, developing programing, retail line and activation for the next year.


Anne Anderson plans for the upcoming Boys State High School Hockey Tournament on March 7-10th at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota.

When I went to shadow Anderson at her office, she was constantly busy. Whether it was creating and signing contracts, approving retail designs, running social media or creating relationships with possible vendors. The specific weekend I went, the Minnesota State Girls Hockey Tournament was happening at the adjoined building, the Xcel Energy Center. In the afternoon, Anderson and I went to the tournament to record videos for the State of Hockey social media. Social media is a crucial part of running a large brand. It is important to gain a following base because then it will enhance the brand and expand it. This is one of Anderson’s daily tasks as she keeps track of all the hockey games happening across the state of Minnesota and updates social media accordingly.

After the afternoon of social media and talking to sponsors, Anderson and I took inventory of the retail at the warehouse. The inventory is sold online as well as in the Xcel Energy Center at the Hockey Lodge. The State of Hockey is a very sought-after clothing line; therefore, it is in high demand and always needs to be attended to.

“The sports industry is really about relationship building and then executing. And one of the things that I’m not good at that I wish someone would have told me to be really focused on in your career, is being detailed and organized,” Anderson said.

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