Job Shadow: Samantha Thompson – Social Media Manager

By Erin Liebeck

Samantha Thompson is a 2013 University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire graduate and has worked as their Social Media Manger for the past year and a half. After graduating with a degree in advertising, Thompson initially began working at an ad agency in Madison. Wanting to showcase her creativity, she moved onto media planning and marketing for a local landscaping company. Eventually, Thompson began working for the University of Wisconsin-Stout in their Foundation and Fundraising until she landed her current position at UWEC.

Samantha Thompson takes a break from updating UWEC’s Instagram page. © 2019 Erin Liebeck

As the Social Media Manager, Thompson said that she wears many different hats – meaning she fills a variety of roles. Thompson is in charge of creating, scheduling and analyzing social media content, as well as scheduling and promoting events. She is also currently overseeing a student intern program. While her job entails many services, Thompson admits that her favorite part of her job is working with her student interns. Being able to watch them learn and grow is the most rewarding part of her job. “They are like my children,” Thompson said.

Thompson’s main responsibility is handling and managing all the content for all of UWEC’s top media pages, including Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. As part of her routine, she collaborates with her interns to build a schedule of the events happening around campus that they feel need to be covered. Once they have established which events they will promote or highlight, Thompson or one of her interns attend each one. Their goal being to capture footage that encompasses the essence of the event that they will be able to integrate into social media, Thompson explained.

While Thompson’s business card may read “Social Media Manager”, she described how her position allows her to dip her toes into all realms of media. She advises that individuals pursuing a career in a similar field not only focus on their major, but gain experience in photography, videography, editing, graphic design, multimedia programs and journalism. Although all these skills play a role in communication, she emphasizes that having confidence is the best skill to obtain.

Thompson confessed that this career moves at a face pace and can be challenging at times. “It has a lot to do with keeping up with trends and adapting to the changing world around us,” said Thompson.  

For job-seeking advice from Samantha Thompson, click below!

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