Job Shadow: Tracey Lemke-Schleihs, Software Product Analyst

By Kassy Wolfe

Sentry Insurance, what is it and where is it?  Sentry Insurance is a large company with thousands of employees who sell insurance, design the company website, and connect with customers to gain feedback.  I got the opportunity to dive into that company and follow around a software product analyst for the day. 

Tracey Lemke-Schleihs discussing the Harley Davidson insurance web page with two employees from the IT department.  © 2019KassyWolfe

Tracey Lemke-Schleihs is a software product analyst.  Her job is to not only to connect with other departments of the company such as; marketing, information technology, and sales, but to connect with the users of the company website to make sure it is running smoothly and is what the customer wants.  A business analyst is very similar to what Tracey does, but deals more with the insurance side than what the face of the company looks like.

When Tracey started college, she was considered a “non-traditional” student.  With taking only a few classes at a local technical college, she decided to quit and get a full-time job at Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance.  The company decided to send her back to school at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point when they realized she was an asset to the team.  With her major being in Organizational Communication and a minor in Computer Science, it took her just short of seven years to complete school.  With having a career already in place, it helped her excel in classes. 

 “With having those skills from school, it helped me with a lot of work-related problems” Tracey Lemke-Schleihs says. 

I got a lot of advice not only from Tracey, but also the software product analyst department as well.  I was told to always be inquisitive.  To not be afraid of criticism.  “You can learn something new any day,” says Tracey Lemke-Schleihs.  What her manager told me, Trent Dudai, was to always take those extra steps into building up your resume.  To not be afraid you have to many skills or life experiences on there.  It really makes you stand out from the rest.

If I had to take anything away from this experience, it is that you shouldn’t worry about after graduation careers.  The right job will come along, and you don’t always have to take the first one offered to you. I truly enjoyed working with the lovely Tracey Lemke-Schleihs and her team.  A great experience and a possible career in the future.

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