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Rick Steves, A European Take on America’s War on Marijuana

By being informal and animated, Steves was able to easily relate to the crowd With many European countries legalizing marijuana, Rick Steves, travel writer, says the U.S. should follow suit. “I’m not trying to promote drug use,” Steves said. “I’m trying … Continue reading

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An Afternoon with WPR’s Dean Kallenbach

By Max Harding “The best general managers are really the people who know how to listen to the people that work with them.” the general manager for WPR in western Wisconsin, Dean Kallenbach, said when he was asked what it takes to … Continue reading

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Segmented media contributes to political polarization

With the dawn of digital media, independent news agencies don’t need to have stories that pander to everyone, but this may not be a good thing. Traditional news media historically have had to appeal to as many people as possible … Continue reading

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