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Rick Steves European Approach To Marijuana

By Melanie Turkowitch Rick Steves does not promote the use of marijuana rather he promotes the idea that the nation should enforce less punishable laws for users. “If your advocating for the change of law you’re not advocating the breaking … Continue reading

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Learning Log #2

Over the past couple of weeks we have learned a lot of critical skills to becoming a good journalist. Some mechanisms i fully understand and others I’m still in the process of learning. Journalism as a whole is easy i … Continue reading

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Sports media show gender bias

 By Melanie Turkowitch It’s very clear that there’s a difference between how Americans view and judge female athletes versus male sports figures. There’s a wide gap on how we idolize both men and women athletes. The media tends to be gender … Continue reading

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Day to day with Judy Clark.

By Melanie Turkowitch A typical day for Judy Clark, news anchor for WEAU 13, would start by walking to her desk and logging onto her computer to see what news stories she needs to cover for the day. Her first show … Continue reading

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