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Journalists are the public’s “Information Heros”

By Kelsey O’Connor Journalists often work in dangerous environments under stressful timelines in hopes of getting information that the public otherwise wouldn’t have. Risking their lives for the good of the public makes these professional the “Information Heros” our modern … Continue reading

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Job Shadow: WPR’s live call-in show “The West Side”

By Helen White Wisconsin Public Radio created an entirely new public radio format when they created the call-in show for public radio, according to regional manager of Eau Claire’s WPR station Dean Kallenbach. “Regular radio had done a lot of … Continue reading

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Southeast Asia media censorship flourishing

By Sidan  Qi In Southeast Asia, media freedoms are in crisis. According to the 2015 Map of World Press Freedom of Freedom House, most countries in Southeast Asia are either “partly free” or “not free” at all. “Both off and online, … Continue reading

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Harvard Law professor seeks to fix institutional corruption in Congress

By Helen White A Harvard Law professor spoke on institutional corruption in Congress at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire’s Schofield Auditorium on Wednesday night, enlightening an audience of more than 300. “At the core of our democracy is a hole,” Professor … Continue reading

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Misgendering in media negatively affects trans community

By Helen White As the transgender community comes more into the public eye, journalists are trying to correctly gender its members without a professional guide to pronouns. Caitlyn Jenner, Chelsea Manning, Laverne Cox, and other transgender public figures have faced … Continue reading

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Social media spread journalism

Are social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, effecting the journalism field? As it turns out, social media sites are helping with the spread of journalism. 60% of people use Facebook as a recurring way of gathering news. … Continue reading

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Old journalism vs. New journalism

    Journalism is meant to inform the public of the news. As a journalist, the public is my audience and I write with the intentions of making an impact on the public. I’ve been involved with journalism education for … Continue reading

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