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Diversity invisibility in news media

By Scott Procter This United States is a melting pot of different colors, races, ethnicities and backgrounds, so why should a news room not be as diverse as the people it serves and covers? The American Society of News Editors … Continue reading

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Fox News man-on-the-street Chinatown segment causes controversy

Last week Fox News aired a five-minute segment from self-proclaimed political humorist Jesse Watters in which he took his man-on-the-street journalistic approach to Chinatown, New York. Watching the segment was painful. Watching innocent people who didn’t know they were being … Continue reading

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Study: TV news portrays Black Americans more fairly

By Taylor Pomasl Recent research shows that the news media portrayal of Black Americans is making strides to becoming less biased. As issues of race gained national attention during the 1990s, “many social scientists and communication scholars sought to study … Continue reading

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Misogyny in Media: Reporting on Female Politicians

By Kessa Albright “She scares me. I cross my legs every time she talks,” Tucker Carlson, MSNBC political correspondent, infamously said on his show Tucker July 16, 2007. Political leanings aside, anyone can agree that media coverage of Hillary Clinton … Continue reading

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Ethnic identification influencing the news

By Sydney Purpora A journalist’s job is to report the news clearly so audiences can understand. When it comes to stories focusing on different ethnic groups, it can become tricky to know when identification is relevant or correctly used. Ethnic … Continue reading

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North Korea leads world in repression of speech in media

by Leland Orfield For the most part, global broadcasting has been a huge advance in allowing for freedom of speech in journalism, as reporters have been able to cover news on an international scale to an immense audience. Freedom of … Continue reading

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An activist recalls civil rights movement, gives call to action

By Meghan Hosely Civil rights activist Joanne Bland spoke to the Eau Claire community Monday night in Schofield auditorium, giving members a call to action to continue on with the civil rights movement. “Movements are like jigsaw puzzles,” Bland said. … Continue reading

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Journalism lacks minority professionals

America is a “melting pot” of different races and cultures, but how much of the pot is being represented in newsrooms across the country? The minority population in The United States has risen approximately 10 percent in the past 20 years. … Continue reading

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Society views women news anchors as sex objects

Female Television News Anchors were hired because of their ability to inform viewers of the news, right? Today women are living up to unrealistic standards and are expected to look, act, and project a particular image, especially on camera. “Female … Continue reading

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Journalists Should Avoid Bias

Avoiding bias in journalism is one of the most important tasks in the career. There are many options when trying to learn to be unbiased when writing or reporting a news story.  In an article by students at the THINK … Continue reading

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