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Fox News man-on-the-street Chinatown segment causes controversy

Last week Fox News aired a five-minute segment from self-proclaimed political humorist Jesse Watters in which he took his man-on-the-street journalistic approach to Chinatown, New York. Watching the segment was painful. Watching innocent people who didn’t know they were being … Continue reading

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Southeast Asia media censorship flourishing

By Sidan  Qi In Southeast Asia, media freedoms are in crisis. According to the 2015 Map of World Press Freedom of Freedom House, most countries in Southeast Asia are either “partly free” or “not free” at all. “Both off and online, … Continue reading

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Lessig calls attention to a broken Congress

By Hillary Smith A broken and corrupt U.S. Congress threatens America’s representative democracy, said a Harvard Law Professor in his Wednesday speech at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire’s 74th annual Forum. “At the core of our democracy, there is a … Continue reading

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Russia cracks down on news media

By Allison Anhalt Since Russia’s conflicts with Ukraine began, media watchdogs have noted that the country has added more propaganda to state owned news and has put more pressure on independent media.  Media is an important part of any society, … Continue reading

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Misogyny in Media: Reporting on Female Politicians

By Kessa Albright “She scares me. I cross my legs every time she talks,” Tucker Carlson, MSNBC political correspondent, infamously said on his show Tucker July 16, 2007. Political leanings aside, anyone can agree that media coverage of Hillary Clinton … Continue reading

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North Korea leads world in repression of speech in media

by Leland Orfield For the most part, global broadcasting has been a huge advance in allowing for freedom of speech in journalism, as reporters have been able to cover news on an international scale to an immense audience. Freedom of … Continue reading

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How Twitter impacts political journalism

Live tweets change political journalism By Kim North There is no denying that social media affecting political journalism says Chris Cillizza. The degree to which it is doing so is still unknown. We can only speculate that “the changes, which … Continue reading

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Americans should pay attention to serious news

When asked about celebrities or sports teams, an average American will give you an enthusiastic and well-versed response. Ask the average American about current affairs around the world, however, and you will receive a much less informed answer. Former National … Continue reading

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Shield law would improve protection for journalists

A recently approved shield law would offer new protections for reporters and their sources. The lack of a federal shield law “has a direct impact [on] the ability of journalists to do their job,” according to Reporters without Borders. “The … Continue reading

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Polarizing media has impact on American viewers

Numerous studies have shown that partisan networks have impacted the way Americans watch television.  Since the invention of the 24 hour cable news network, cable television news has become a source of information for U.S. residents.  Between 1997 and 2005, … Continue reading

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