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Job Shadow: Life Behind The Camera

By Marin Munos When I first picked up a camera, I knew I wanted to be a photojournalist, so it would only make sense that I did my job shadow with a photojournalist. Liz Flores is a photojournalist for the … Continue reading

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The Russian government continues to censor its news media

by Parker Reed Russian president Vladimir Putin The Russian news media continues to have stricter requirements and limitations placed on their publications by Russian president Vladimir Putin and his administration. Since coming into power in 2000, president Putin has established … Continue reading

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Journalists using social networks beyond Facebook, Twitter

Today you may hear a lot about how organizations continue to improve their effectiveness on social media outlets of Facebook and Twitter, but in fact, they’ve begun experimenting on Instagram too. A major part in using social media for organization … Continue reading

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Online editions change how newspapers make money

The ability for news consumers to get print journalism online has helped them stay up-to-date, but it’s changed the way newspapers responsible for much of the content stay in business. It’s easier than ever to access newspaper content online. While … Continue reading

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Digital media may be journalism’s salvation

When I’m faced with the question of what sort of career I want to pursue post-graduation, answering print journalism is often met with some cynicism. “Journalism is a dying field, you know.” Of course I’m aware of the decline of … Continue reading

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Social media makes an impact on fashion journalism

Fashion journalism has always been as focused on the medium as it has been about the fabric. As social media creates various new outlets fashion journalism is changing to keep up with the trends. Fashion journalism, which was once only … Continue reading

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Print news continues revenue losses

It seems technology is changing everything in our world in an instant, including the world of print media. The world of print news isn’t failing because of a lack of good reporters or stories to cover, but rather the lack … Continue reading

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Print news outlets continue move to online

Print media has been around for a long time. Then came the advent of digital media and now, thanks to that, print media is on the decline as more and more readers as well as advertising agencies make the switch to digital … Continue reading

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