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Challenges facing global media ethics

By Hillary Smith Global media ethics, which are principles and practices expected of journalists and news organizations worldwide, have a long road ahead. New methods of communication are enabling media to extend the reach from local to global. With the expansion of … Continue reading

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North Korea leads world in repression of speech in media

by Leland Orfield For the most part, global broadcasting has been a huge advance in allowing for freedom of speech in journalism, as reporters have been able to cover news on an international scale to an immense audience. Freedom of … Continue reading

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ESPN offers opinion, not news

Have you ever watched a program on ESPN and noticed how the news of the stories are often lost by the time the reporter is done delivering their story? This is a common theme on ESPN and it is because … Continue reading

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Ethical Photojournalism: Maintaining the Integrity and Public Trust in Journalism

It is so easy to doctor an image, edit or modify it to improve the intensity of the subject photographed.  But this misleads the public into thinking the untrue is true. The high demand for photographic perfection requires strong ethical … Continue reading

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“Bad Press” tarnishes reputation of reporters

Reporters. Their ethics and image have continually been challenged in the spot light of bad press. Often they’re thought to be ruthless. Biased. One-sided. Out to get you. Liars. Unfeeling. Low-lifes. Driven to brainwash society. Or they will do anything … Continue reading

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Photojournalism demands ethical commitment

Instead of telling a story through words and sounds, photojournalists tell the story through images.  Nowadays, photos in a newspaper are attention-grabbing and timely because of the development of photographic technology and the Internet.  We have all the possible access … Continue reading

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