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Climate scientist advises thinking locally about climate change

By Rebecca Mennecke Climate change is a topic that often provokes people to think of polar bears and melting ice caps in Antarctica, but a noted climate change scientist said people need to think about climate change on a personal … Continue reading

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Hope is the key to fighting public apathy on climate change

By Peter Martin People aren’t apathetic to climate change because they are unaware of it, but because they are wary of the action that must be taken to combat it, a prominent climate scientist said Wednesday night. “We don’t believe … Continue reading

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Fixing climate change means learning to talk about it

By Anna Sveiven Uncommon snow fall and icy conditions on an April day set the scene for a speech about global warming from an atmospheric scientist. “Climate change effects where we live,” said Katharine Hayhoe, a political science professor at … Continue reading

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Talking about climate change will help fix it

By Erin Liebeck Climate change is a threat multiplier, said an atmospheric scientist who believes that climate change will continue to affect the planet if something isn’t done about it soon. “The number one thing we need to do is … Continue reading

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An author shares the history of hoaxes and fake news at the 76th Forum Series

By Kenz Walters We are in the age of the horrific hoax, said Kevin Young during a speech on the rise of hoaxes and fake news. “There was that democratic pleasure, where you could decide for yourself. But what’s sort … Continue reading

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Rick Steves, A European Take on America’s War on Marijuana

By being informal and animated, Steves was able to easily relate to the crowd With many European countries legalizing marijuana, Rick Steves, travel writer, says the U.S. should follow suit. “I’m not trying to promote drug use,” Steves said. “I’m trying … Continue reading

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