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Misogyny in Media: Reporting on Female Politicians

By Kessa Albright “She scares me. I cross my legs every time she talks,” Tucker Carlson, MSNBC political correspondent, infamously said on his show Tucker July 16, 2007. Political leanings aside, anyone can agree that media coverage of Hillary Clinton … Continue reading

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North Korea leads world in repression of speech in media

by Leland Orfield For the most part, global broadcasting has been a huge advance in allowing for freedom of speech in journalism, as reporters have been able to cover news on an international scale to an immense audience. Freedom of … Continue reading

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Journalism Meets Social Media

By Michael Roemer In the ever changing world of social media, many news companies, big and small have shifted the focus of the newsroom from daily reporting to up to the second updates on Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes these practices … Continue reading

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Twitter changing sports, fan relationship

By Kyle Naber Twitter and sports go hand in hand in today’s fast paced and social media storm of a world. During sporting events, there are millions of tweets that are firing off every second, but is it possible that twitter … Continue reading

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Multimedia Transforms Journalism

Over the years, journalism has gone through some changes. The advance in technology has really helped these changes. We not only have the radio, the television, and newspaper, but we also have the internet. Within the internet, we have different … Continue reading

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Journalists using social networks beyond Facebook, Twitter

Today you may hear a lot about how organizations continue to improve their effectiveness on social media outlets of Facebook and Twitter, but in fact, they’ve begun experimenting on Instagram too. A major part in using social media for organization … Continue reading

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Social media threatens traditional sports reporting

With the increase of social media, athletes are beginning to bypass reporters by releasing information directly to the public. Reporters, in turn, have to change the way they cover sports to adapt with these trends. In the pre-digital world, journalists … Continue reading

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Social media brings new responsibilities for journalists

The boom in social media has changed journalism and has also created new roles for journalists. “We still report facts and give you the news, but the rise of social media has changed how a story is told and consumed,” … Continue reading

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