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The Russian government continues to censor its news media

by Parker Reed Russian president Vladimir Putin The Russian news media continues to have stricter requirements and limitations placed on their publications by Russian president Vladimir Putin and his administration. Since coming into power in 2000, president Putin has established … Continue reading

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Misogyny in Media: Reporting on Female Politicians

By Kessa Albright “She scares me. I cross my legs every time she talks,” Tucker Carlson, MSNBC political correspondent, infamously said on his show Tucker July 16, 2007. Political leanings aside, anyone can agree that media coverage of Hillary Clinton … Continue reading

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Journalism Meets Social Media

By Michael Roemer In the ever changing world of social media, many news companies, big and small have shifted the focus of the newsroom from daily reporting to up to the second updates on Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes these practices … Continue reading

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Twitter changing sports, fan relationship

By Kyle Naber Twitter and sports go hand in hand in today’s fast paced and social media storm of a world. During sporting events, there are millions of tweets that are firing off every second, but is it possible that twitter … Continue reading

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Social media transforms journalism

Community. Connection. Information. These are the characterizing words of a society that now relies on the revolutionary realm of social media. It’s a growing phenomenon that is not only transforming the life of the individual, but—as stated in an article … Continue reading

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Job Shadow: Mike Paulus

Being a “townie” is the most important characteristic one must have to work at Volume One magazine. Mike Paulus, Online Editor for Volume One,the culture and arts magazine for the Chippewa Valley said working at Volume One relies on tight-knit … Continue reading

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Social media spread journalism

Are social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, effecting the journalism field? As it turns out, social media sites are helping with the spread of journalism. 60% of people use Facebook as a recurring way of gathering news. … Continue reading

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What’s the Buzz about Buzzfeed

While scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed this afternoon, I became overwhelmed with ratio of Facebook posts to Buzzfeed posts (13:7).  That may not seem like a lot, but once I eliminated three instagram photos of cats, two sponsored posts, and … Continue reading

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America fascinated with celebrities

Many Americans today care more about the lives of celebrities in Hollywood than global issues affecting people all over the world. When major things happen in the news, you can bet that people will be talking about it. It will … Continue reading

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Journalists use Twitter to whine about Olympics

Is the plumbing in Russia more newsworthy than the competing Olympic athletes or the politics of Putin? If you were on Twitter prior to the start of the games you may have thought so. When journalists started arriving in Sochi, … Continue reading

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