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Stereotypes persist in coverage of MLB players

By Travis Nyhus Sports media professionals have gotten into a trap when covering international players, specifically those that are Latino, focusing more on stereotypes rather than critical analysis of a player’s ability. This has become increasingly problematic over the last … Continue reading

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Research shows news media stereotypes blacks in crime coverage

By Lauren Hoium Throughout American history, people of color have been the victims of many negative stereotypes according to David J. Knight. One of the most common stereotypes is that African Americans are violent and dangerous, and have no respect … Continue reading

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“Bad Press” tarnishes reputation of reporters

Reporters. Their ethics and image have continually been challenged in the spot light of bad press. Often they’re thought to be ruthless. Biased. One-sided. Out to get you. Liars. Unfeeling. Low-lifes. Driven to brainwash society. Or they will do anything … Continue reading

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