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World news limited for US citizens

By Erica Jones Due to the high cost of international news coverage,¬†Americans today are struggling to receive world news on a regular and in-depth basis, despite the fact that it is in high demand. TED speaker, Ethan Zuckerman says, “The … Continue reading

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Vietnam war changed journalist/military relationship

Throughout history, citizens have relied on journalists to provide truthful information about wars and international war news. In the modern era, the media plays an increasingly significant role in warfare. In 1973, there was a change in the relationship between … Continue reading

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Polarizing media has impact on American viewers

Numerous studies have shown that partisan networks have impacted the way Americans watch television.¬† Since the invention of the 24 hour cable news network, cable television news has become a source of information for U.S. residents.¬† Between 1997 and 2005, … Continue reading

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