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Journalists should plan ahead for disaster coverage

It is no wonder that many of the journalists are puzzled when covering news about “disasters.” Because of the difficult circumstances of a disaster and the tight news deadlines, reporters need experience. The following tips can help gain some of … Continue reading

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Avoid cliches in journalism

Clichés pop up everywhere – super markets, a casual chat with your uncle, soap operas and unfortunately, journalism. A once clever quip becomes stomped on, ground down and glutted.  Chris Pash, a journalist working for DOW Jones, scoured Dow’s deeply … Continue reading

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Photojournalism demands ethical commitment

Instead of telling a story through words and sounds, photojournalists tell the story through images.  Nowadays, photos in a newspaper are attention-grabbing and timely because of the development of photographic technology and the Internet.  We have all the possible access … Continue reading

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U.S. newsrooms continue to lack diversity

In a highly diverse society, whites still dominate the newsroom. According to the American Society of News Editors (ASNE), 5.7 percent of minority newsroom positions were lost in 2011 as revealed in a census by the ASNE along with the Center … Continue reading

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Change in Foreign Correspondence

Left: James Cameron, foreign correspondent, in India in 1967.The Guardian.                 Right: Jeremy Wagstaff. Chicago Tribune. Apr 2012. For many readers international news coverage has been an imperfect part of American journalism for many … Continue reading

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Polarizing media has impact on American viewers

Numerous studies have shown that partisan networks have impacted the way Americans watch television.  Since the invention of the 24 hour cable news network, cable television news has become a source of information for U.S. residents.  Between 1997 and 2005, … Continue reading

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Social media brings new responsibilities for journalists

The boom in social media has changed journalism and has also created new roles for journalists. “We still report facts and give you the news, but the rise of social media has changed how a story is told and consumed,” … Continue reading

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