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Online editions change how newspapers make money

The ability for news consumers to get print journalism online has helped them stay up-to-date, but it’s changed the way newspapers responsible for much of the content stay in business. It’s easier than ever to access newspaper content online. While … Continue reading

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5 tips offer key to successful journalism career

For students across the country hoping to commence a career in journalism, the following five tips will set you on the right track.  In any career field you are encouraged to do what you love; this is especially true for … Continue reading

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Social media erodes media credibility

All of the social media websites that allow anyone and everyone to report their thoughts and feelings have slowly caused these websites to lose credibility. A tweet at a time can gain a national following in minutes, which will eventually … Continue reading

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Journalism may be one of the more demanding university majors, but journalism students can survive-and even thrive-if they keep a few things in mind in pursuit of becoming a  journalist.  Understand and accept the workload. Journalism is a profession that … Continue reading

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Digital media may be journalism’s salvation

When I’m faced with the question of what sort of career I want to pursue post-graduation, answering print journalism is often met with some cynicism. “Journalism is a dying field, you know.” Of course I’m aware of the decline of … Continue reading

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News outlets struggle to generate online revenue

As the second most popular source of news in America, online news is an important product for any successful news outlet to generate. Like any business, news outlets face a simple question when it comes to online content: How do … Continue reading

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Small newspapers struggle to finance journalism

The Record Review is a small, weekly newspaper in central Wisconsin that covers a handful of small communities in the western Marathon County.  Small newspapers are struggling in a time of new technologies and quicker ways to find news.  News … Continue reading

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Why learn AP Style?

Why are journalism and public relation students expected to learn the Associated Press style? Think about it. Have you heard an actual reason why, besides it’s just what you do in the field you are studying for? The Purdue Online … Continue reading

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Social media makes an impact on fashion journalism

Fashion journalism has always been as focused on the medium as it has been about the fabric. As social media creates various new outlets fashion journalism is changing to keep up with the trends. Fashion journalism, which was once only … Continue reading

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Women journalists make gains in covering sports

On September 6, 1920, the first radio broadcast of a sports event. On August 26, 1939, Red Barber called the first televised pro baseball game. For as long as there have been sports, there have been sports journalists. For decades, … Continue reading

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