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Teens prefer online news over print

In a 2008 survey of 15-29 year olds, the Newspaper Association of America found that between both paid newspapers and free newspapers, only 31 percent of young people get their news and information through print media. So, the question is: … Continue reading

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Convergence is changing the face of journalism

As technology changes, so does the audience. Journalists today need to find a way to keep up with the changes or they will find themselves buried under piles of surplus newspapers. Convergence journalism is one of the principle solutions to this … Continue reading

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Newsrooms forced to become digital

The newsroom isn’t what it used to be… The newsroom, as it relates to journalists, editors, PR professionals, and the public is changing into a digital center where accuracy and immediacy of news are at odds due to social networks, … Continue reading

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Citizen journalists share news as it happens

Journalism has always been evolving to adapt to current society. A new and upcoming way of producing news, known as citizen journalism, allows the average citizen to become reporters of current events. While this sounds like an awful direction for … Continue reading

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Modern journalists are reporters and programmers?

Remembering that every journalist is a reporter at heart is important as the industry adapts to the ever-changing multimedia now available, says journalist Sara Ganim in the online American Journalism Review. “Forget the title. Stop. Throw that out the window.” Many … Continue reading

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Muck Rack helps reporters navigate social media

Twitter is a fantastic way for journalists to find sources, post about their upcoming stories, and much more. Yet how do you separate accurate content from the sources with less integrity? The answer is Muck Rack. This site verifies journalists, … Continue reading

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Print news continues revenue losses

It seems technology is changing everything in our world in an instant, including the world of print media. The world of print news isn’t failing because of a lack of good reporters or stories to cover, but rather the lack … Continue reading

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Journalism lacks originality

Today’s reporters gain time by spinning out previously published stories on the hamster wheel of journalism, but they sacrifice one key facet—originality. According to Dean Starkman from the Columbia Journalism Review, the “hamster wheel renders that news organizations are deeply … Continue reading

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Reporters punished for activities linked to personal bias

It is important in journalism to remain objective by reporting the facts without personal bias. Some journalists feel like they cannot participate in politics or current events. Even voting, the most basic of civic duties, could compromise a journalist. But … Continue reading

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News coverage stereotypes minorities

When a heavily armed white man entered a movie theater in suburban Denver last year, killing 12 people and injuring 50 others, he was called a ‘gunman.’ News media speculated he had a mental illness. But when a 19-year-old Somali-American … Continue reading

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